Superduty Morimoto XB LED Fogs

  • $ 200.00

No Comparison: Stock sucks! But the new Morimoto XB LED projector fog lights: Look great. Are well-built. Perform like champs. Have a virtually infinite life span. An unbeatable warranty, And best of all you won't need to sell your soul to afford them!

2x Fog Lights: Superduty Morimoto XB LED

Wiring:Plug-n-Play Connection Kit

Warranty:Ten Years

FORD PART #: 6C3Z-15200-AA, 6C3Z-15200-BA, 7C3Z15200AA, 7C3Z15201AA, BC3Z15200A, BC3Z15201A, XL3Z13466A

Super Duty Trucks: 1999-2016

Excursion: 1999-2016

Input Socket: Sealed H10 Male

Weather Rated: IP67 Waterproof

Lens Material: High Impact Polycarb (UV-Resistant)

Shell / Heat Sink: Powder Coated Cast Aluminum

Light Source:3x NichiaLED

Optics:Kuria-2 Projector Fog Lens

Intensity:2400 Lumens

Kelvin Rating:5500K (pure white)