JW Speaker 8900 Evolution Headlight (5X7)

  • $ 360.00


 Illumination: The light output from the four high power LED projectors produces a uniformly lit, very wide, and supremely bright beam pattern. Your stock headlights couldn't even come close to comparing to the amount of illumination from these.

Easy Setup: Wiring is designed to be plug-n-play, with a standard H4 Male plug on the back, they'll be a direct swap for many vehicles, and only need an H13 adapter for use on trucks like the new Jeep JK Wrangler.

Options: These lamps feature a "Bi-LED" function with both low beam and high beam outputs, and come with either gloss black or chrome trim bezels to suit your taste.

Please Note: These lights are usually in-stock but move fast. Shipping times on JW Speaker products may be delayed by 2-4 days on occasion

Housing: 1x JW Speaker 8900 Evo 2 Headlight

Warranty: Lifetime Limited

 Vehicles: Standard 5x7" Rectangular Housings*

Cross Compatible: "H6504"  Headlights

 Body Width: 200mm

Body Height: 142.5mm

Max Depth: 95mm (3.74")

 Input: 12-24V DC

Op. Voltage: 11.4-32V DC

Draw: 2.6A at 12V

Lens Material: Polycarbonate

Housing Material: Die Cast Aluminum

Low Beam Intensity: 1350 lumens each

High Beam Intensity: 1770 lumens each