H7 HID Adapters: Euros

  • $ 10.00

BMW / M-B OWNERS: Because of the way the original halogen bulb clips into the housing, an HID bulb won't be a direct swap without these adapters.

RECOMMENDED: Check your headlights for a similar looking plastic part socket behind the bulb to identify whether or not you need these. All housings would take H7 bulbs and use projectors.

BY DESIGN: Slotted design allows the wiring for the bulb to slide in from the side, and then original clip assembly will hold bulb firmly in place just like stock.

TAKE NOTE: Unfortunately, Morimoto's larger base design does not allow them to work with these adapters without modification. If you're doing an HID upgrade on a euro that requires these adapters, we urge you to pick up a different set of H7 HID bulbs that are hard-wired to make your life a little easier.


  • ADAPTERS: 2x H7 "Euro Style"

  • NOTE: No Bulbs Included

  • VEHICLES: Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Saab

  • HEADLIGHT TYPE: H7 Halogen Projectors


  • MATERIAL: Stainless Steel