D2S: Matsushita Gen V

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MODERN: An updated version of the extremely popular Matsushita Gen 4, the 5th Generation has the newest Igniter and a smaller footprint than most any OEM ballast on the market.

POPULAR: They're perfect for use in a HID headlight retrofit or replacing an old worn-out unit in your stock xenon headlights. The Matsushita's are found under the hood of many modern Nissan, Infiniti, and Subaru vehicles as part of the original-equipment HID system - and if these big brands can trust them; so can you.

BUT WAIT: With all this good, what about the bad? Well, OEM ballasts are designed to be mounted completely or partially inside of a headlight housing, so their shell is not naturally water-proof, and if they get wet, their warranty will be void. You can protect your investment with our optional OEM Ballast Potting Service, which makes their electronics impenetrable to moisture damage. 

BEWARE: The Matsushita ballasts are best used with OEM Quality bulbs from Philips, Osram, or the Morimoto XB Series. Often times cheap D2S bulbs will not work reliably with these ballasts, and it's actually the bulb's fault.

A STEAL: We're proud to offer such an awesome OEM ballast at only $170/pair. Compared to their dealership price of around $450 each, our price is a steal!

  • BALLASTS: 2x Matsushita Gen V 35W D2S

  • IGNITERS: 2x OEM Matsushita G5-Spec

  • INPUT WIRING: 2x 9006 Male Harness Adapters

  • WARRANTY: 1 Year (void if moisture damage)


  • HID BULBS: D2S/D2R (P32-D)

  • HARNESSES: All with "9006" female outputs

  • OUTPUT WATTAGE: 35W +/- 1%



  • MAX OUTPUT: 25KV on Ignition