D1/D3: Osram Xenaelectron

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OEM GRADE: The Osram Xelaelectron ballasts are original equipment on many modern American-made vehicles that come with factory HID headlights. From GM, Chrysler, to Ford, there's a good chance if you're driving an American car with stock HID headlights, its Osram powered!

LONG LIFE: Among the smallest of OEM ballasts available today because they lack internal igniters, these ballasts are also wonderfully reliable, with an expected lifetime of 8-10 years (2000 run time hours).

UPGRADED: Select the OEM+ 45W version for an additional 10W of power and approximately 30% more light output compared to stock! These are brand new, genuine Osram high output computers. They are compatible with all existing hardware and will swap in place of the stock computers with no mods.

NOT BAD! These Osram ballasts are sold at a price that's nearly impossible to beat! We offer the 35W units for $300/pair, compare to dealer list at around $450 each! And the 45W ones....you can't even get 'em elsewhere!

  • BALLASTS: 2x Osram Xenaelectron

  • OUTPUTS: 2x OE Quality D1/D3


  • WARRANTY: 1 Year (void by moisture damage)

  • FORD PART: 8A5Z13C170A

  • OSRAM D1 PART #: 35XT5-D1S/D1R

  • OSRAM D3 PART #: 35XT5-2-D3S/D3R

  • OSRAM D1 45W PART #: 45XT5-1-D1S/D1R

  • BULBS: D1S / D1R / D3S / D3R

  • OUTPUT WATTAGE: 35W OR 45W +/- 1%