7" Round DOT LED Headlights

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Our DOT 7" Headlights are a true OEM-grade LED replacement for any factory 7" headlight housing. Available with chrome or black bezels, this headlight is a direct fit, using standard factory brackets (sold separately). Integrated Anti-Flicker modules allow for error-free installation, even in newer USDM Jeeps - no adapter required. With both H4 and H13 size connectors, installation is plug and play - simply replace the factory headlight.

The integrated dual projector lens distributes light in a wide, even pattern for the low beam, and side-mounted reflectors provide intense light for the high beam, to illuminate far down the road, making them compliant with DOT and SAE vehicle safety and quality standards for use on-road. With a durable polycarbonate lens, aluminum housing, and constant-current drive circuit, these LEDs will be durable and reliable for years to come.

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