2014+ Sierra Morimoto MD2S 5.0 Kit

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The newer projector equipped Sierra's come from the factory with poor lighting that is in need of an upgrade.

The Sierra headlights are easily upgraded with the Morimoto MD2S 5.0. The 5.0 will not only increase distance vision, but greatly increases the beam width as well. 
Does not work for new model (16+ 1500) HID optioned vehicles. 

-Morimoto MD2S 5.0 projectors
-Sierra Brackets
-Morimoto Sierra-Spec Harness
-Morimoto Ballasts
-Morimoto D2H bulbs

Please feel free to contact us with any questions

(Most popular options are the Morimoto XB 35w ballasts with Morimoto D2H bulbs in 5500K)

  • WARRANTY: 5 Years (35w) or 3 Years (50w)