921/T15: XTR C-Series LED

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THEY'RE BRIGHTER: XenonDepot’s Xtreme LED 921 T16 ceramic LED Replacement bulbs feature a perfectly positioned CREE MHB-A LED emitter to maximize the use of your tail light’s optics making them a truly functional reverse / back-up LED light upgrade . Alternate "Tower style" 921 T16 LED bulbs create a lot of wasted light and simply won't provide the light coverage needed for reverse light LED applications - brighter isn’t better if light isn’t going where it needs to go!

THEY'LL LASTThe body of the bulb is made entirely out of ceramic to ensure the bulb can withstand higher environment temperatures – way better then lower priced plastic alternatives. We’ve also taken the pioneering step of mounting the CREE LED diode right onto the ceramic body to create the highest possible heat dissipation efficiency -- they're bright and reliable

THEY'LL FIT: Xtreme LED 921 T16 LED bulbs use IEC spec dimensions to ensure the bulb properly fits into the intended application and connects into your vehicle’s stock harness. T16 921 LED wedge bulbs are popular bulb upgrades for back-up lights, reverse lights, and replace the following automotive lighting fitments: 579,901, 904, 906, 908, 909, 912, 914, 915, 916, 917, 918, 920, 921, 922, 923, 926, 927, 928, 939, and many more fitments.

        • BULBS: 2x 921/T15: XTR LED

        • WARRANTY: 2 Years

        • CROSS-COMPATIBLE SIZES: 921 / 904 / 904NA / 906 / 906NA / 912 / 916 / 916NA / 917

        • COLOR: 5500k CREE MHB-A LED diode

        • INTENSITY: 200lm